The Red Barn, Holden, Massachusetts

The Friends of the Red Barn, Incorporated, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization, owns and maintains the historic Fairbanks barn on Shrewsbury Street in Holden, where it sponsors activities promoting an understanding of New England's agricultural past and encouraging the appreciation of nature, agriculture, and the interdependence of human life with the natural world.

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Red Barn Community Garden

Yearning to have a vegetable garden?

(but don't have a good place for one)


Yearly garden fee: $75.00

The $75.00 fee includes a $40.00 garden fee, plus a $35.00 Friends of the Red Barn membership fee. If you are already a member at the $35.00 level, your garden fee will be $40.00.


For more information call:

George Hamilton: 774-364-1163

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